From the time your home was built, termites have been working to silently destroy it—from the inside out. The licensed professionals at The Termite Guy are here to protect your investment with thorough inspections, necessary treatments, and prevention. Call 877-TERMITE for your inspection today.

Termite infestations cost American homeowners over $5 billion each year.

Even inside your brick walls and beneath the stucco facade, homes are primarily constructed of wood. Termites are expert wood eaters and like other insects, they rarely travel alone. Termites develop colonies, made up of tens of thousands of termites, consuming any wood in their path.

Unlike mice and other pests that leave visible evidence of their presence, termites can operate undetected in a house for years. Without the help of trained inspectors, homeowners may not notice termites until extensive damage has been done.

With the help of The Termite Guy, our trained and licensed professionals can provide thorough inspections of your home to stop the damage before it begins. If you currently own a home or are planning to purchase a home, call 877-TERMITE for an inspection.

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