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Identifying Termites In Los Angeles, Orange & Ventura Counties

Everything you need to identify termites around your Californian property.

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Orange, Los Angeles & Ventura Counties Ultimate Guide To Termite Identification

flying ant vs flying termite

Recent statistics show that termites infest more than 600,000 homes every single year, many of which are located right here in Orange County. With more than 28 unique species invading homes and business properties, it's not hard to see why our local habitat has become infested by wood-eating pests. High levels of humidity, mild winters, and an increasing population keep these pests safe, happy, and healthy.

Unfortunately, many people struggle to identify infestations before their presence becomes unavoidable. As people overlook or ignore their subtle signs, termites have the opportunity to survive and thrive, letting them spread even further across your habitat. Most termite infestations occur undetected, costing American property owners a collective six billion dollars annually.

If you're concerned that a termite infestation has taken up residence around your property, don't guess — test your theory against some identification tools. The resources provided by The Termite Guy can help you identify termites before it's too late and stop a potential infestation from destroying the space you love. Browse our pictures and videos today, and reach out to The Termite Guy for additional details about termite and pest control in Orange County, Los Angeles County and Ventura County.

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The Termite Guy's Resources For Identifying Termites Around Your Home Or Business

a termite queen up close

Californian homes are subject to dozens of unique termite species. However, only two of these hold any real danger for people, pets, and their properties. There are two types of termites in California that cause the most damage; subterranean termites and drywood termites.

Subterranean termites, sometimes called 'white ants,' are the most prevalent species of wood-eating insect in Orange, Los Angeles & Ventura Counties. These pests typically enter buildings from underground and create large hive-like colonies that cause extensive damage to properties. You can identify them by their creamy white to dark brown color patterns, long oval shapes, and 1/8 of an inch size.

Drywood termites pose another major threat to Californian homes and businesses. Because they do not require much moisture to survive, drywood termites create colonies in the dry, sheltered wood of attics. They have narrow exoskeletons, light brown colorations, and 3/8 to 1-inch-long bodies.

The types of damages caused by termites are as unique as their physical differences. Subterranean termites, for example, cause large-scale damage by eating along the grain of wood. Drywood termites, on the other hand, cause more serious structural damage by tunneling through walls and ceilings. Both species leave behind a series of sawdust-like droppings, commonly called 'frass.'

Identifying a termite infestation around your property can be difficult without direct contact. To determine whether an infestation is in the works, keep an eye out for the following signs and symptoms:

  • 1/4-inch holes bored into wood: Termites typically leave behind tiny entry points as they tunnel through the wood around your house. You may also see some frass piled up underneath the holes.
  • Mud tunnels around your property: Subterranean termites create mud-like tunnels that transport the insects from their colonies to a food source. Keep an eye out for unusual mud structures close to your home's exterior.
  • Loud clicking noises: Both termite species make a distinct clicking sound when disturbed. Listen closely in search of any unusual squeaking or chirping coming from within your walls, ceilings, or floors.

Check out a few of our pictures and videos below to easily identify termite species around your home. Don't hesitate to contact The Termite Guy today if you think you have a termite infestation around your property. We can help you stop the problem before it gets any worse.

termite caste

Termite Caste

subterranean termite swarmer

Subterranean Termite Swarmer

drywood termite swarmer

Drywood Termite Swarmer

mud tubes made by termites

Subterranean Termite Mud Tubes

drywood termite vs subterranean termite

Drywood Termite VS Subterranean Termite

a big termite queen

Termite Queen

termite droppings

Termite Droppings

termite droppings zoomed in

Termite Droppings Zoomed In

dry rot wood damage

Dry Rot Damage

termite damage to wood

Termite Damage

Let The Termite Guy Identify Termites In Your Orange, Los Angeles & Ventura County Home

a tech doing an inspection

If these pictures and videos of local termite species are not enough to identify the pests around your home, never fear; the pros at The Termite Guy would be more than happy to help. We have years of combined experience checking homes and businesses for termites and will do everything in our power to swiftly identify issues before they begin. Plus, with more than 25 years of work around the Orange, LOs Angeles and Ventura County area, you can trust our vetted pros to get the job done right the first time.

Get a comprehensive termite inspection of your home or business today. Just call us at your earliest convenience, and we'll provide a free estimate for all your termite identification needs. We're looking forward to chatting with you soon.

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What The Termite Guy Customers Are Saying

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"I use the Termite Guy all of the time for my escrow inspections. As a real estate professional I need a company I can rely on. They do a great job and are extremely reliable and responsive. They're a definite part of my team."

Briant P
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"I had a wonderful experience with the Termite Guy.  They were on time, clean and careful.  Before my fumigation, I had 2 broken tiles and after the fumigation there were only 5 broken, all of which were replaced. They also primed and painted my facia that need repair.  Wonderful terminte company and Trina was so easy and pleasant and accommodating."

Karen G
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"Termite Guy is an excellent company! From start to finish..they take care of business! From the initial call to inspect, administration, inspectors, workmanship and pricing they get the job done in a timely and efficient manner! Go Termite Guy!!"

Kindy S


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