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The Los Angeles County is home to almost ten million people and is a lively, bustling place to live. Businesses thrive here, and there are near endless opportunities for dining, entertainment, and recreation. There are many great things about Los Angeles, and it is an exciting, fast-paced area. Unfortunately, pests of all kinds thrive here too. If you own a home or business in the area, it is only a matter of time before you have to deal with pest infestations.

If you need pest control in Los Angeles County, The Termite Guy stands ready to help you. We have an extended history of dependable pest control. If you need to get rid of pests, call us.

Residential Pest Control In Los Angeles County

Los Angeles, CA residential home.

Los Angeles County homeowners frequently find themselves facing pest infestations that start unseen, then grow to major proportions before they detect them. By then, these infestations can be difficult to control. DIY pest control efforts can be expensive and often fail, leaving you frustrated and unsuccessful. Residential pest control from professional pest control experts ensures that you get rid of the problem and also helps keep pests from returning, allowing you to get your home — and your peace of mind — back once again.

The Termite Guy wants to help you get your home back, and our expert technicians can handle any pest you may face. Contact us today so that we can help you get rid of pests.

Commercial Pest Control In Los Angeles County

Pest infestations can cause a lot of problems for Los Angeles County businesses. Building and maintaining a business takes a lot of work and time, and you value your reputation in the community. Pest infestations can alarm employees and concern contractors or clients, lead to health department investigations, slow or stop production, and even cause extensive damage to structures and equipment.

Commercial pest control starts with a careful inspection of your business and grounds. Once we understand what you're up against, we partner with you to decide on treatment courses. Following this, we apply safe, effective treatments to eliminate pests. We then work with you on completing corrective measures so that pests don't return. Pest control in Los Angeles County doesn't have to be hard. Get in touch with The Termite Guy today, and let us help you get pests out of your business for good.

How To Prepare For The Fumigation Of Your Home In Los Angeles County

If you have a bad infestation and need home fumigation, here are some helpful steps that you can take to prepare for tenting:

  • A place to stay: Arrange to stay elsewhere else before fumigation begins.
  • Remove food: You don't want to take risks with contaminated foods.
  • Take care of pets: You must remove all pets before treatment begins.
  • Get plants out: Remove all plants from the area.
  • Open all inside doors: Making sure all interior doors are open will ensure we treat all indoor areas effectively.
  • Ensure circulation: Make sure closets are clean and organized to allow air to circulate through them.
  • Clean exterior: Make sure the area around your home is clean if you plan on tenting.
  • Stay away: Avoid the temptation to come back before we finish the treatment.

These are some steps you can take to ensure that your fumigation process goes safely and smoothly. Fumigation can be very effective and safe as long as you follow the standard safety precautions. Once we finish the treatment, your home or business will be free of pests.

The Termite Guy can help get rid of pests and keep them away. Call us today for guaranteed pest control.

What Does Extensive Termite Damage In Los Angeles Look Like?

Termites are legendary for the amount of damage they can cause to dwellings and businesses. Termites can move indoors unseen, and by the time you discover them, they can have caused extensive damage. Given termites and their related damage can be so severe, here are some ways to identify termite damage in order to be able to initiate treatment as soon as possible:

  • Sagging floors: If termites damage subfloors, the floor above can begin to sag.
  • Misaligned doors or windows: Structures can shift as termites damage structures.
  • Leaks: Termite damage can sometimes allow water to start making its way inside.
  • Bubbling paint: Paint can loosen from termite-damaged wood and bubble up.

These are some of the indicators that you may have a termite problem. One of the biggest indications is when the above problems become evident in a relatively short period of time.

If you have termites in your home or business, The Termite Guy is your company of choice for safe and effective local pest control. Drop us a line today, and let us discuss our inspection, treatment, and termite damage repair packages with you; you'll be glad you did. We are the best pest control service around and can help you with any pest problem.

inside of a residential home

What The Termite Guy Customers Are Saying

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"I use the Termite Guy all of the time for my escrow inspections. As a real estate professional I need a company I can rely on. They do a great job and are extremely reliable and responsive. They're a definite part of my team."

Briant P
Couple smiling

"I had a wonderful experience with the Termite Guy.  They were on time, clean and careful.  Before my fumigation, I had 2 broken tiles and after the fumigation there were only 5 broken, all of which were replaced. They also primed and painted my facia that need repair.  Wonderful terminte company and Trina was so easy and pleasant and accommodating."

Karen G
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"Termite Guy is an excellent company! From start to finish..they take care of business! From the initial call to inspect, administration, inspectors, workmanship and pricing they get the job done in a timely and efficient manner! Go Termite Guy!!"

Kindy S


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