Heat Wave: A Revolutionary Local Treatment for Wood Destroying Organisms and Other Pests

The Termite Guy is pleased to announce HEAT WAVE: our technological breakthrough for both whole-structure and local termite, bed bug and other wood destroying organism (WDO) treatments. Our NON-CHEMICAL pest elimination system, HEAT WAVE, is a process that allows us to eliminate household pests WITHOUT the adversities of conventional chemical treatment!
The Termite Guy’s HEAT WAVE process is of particular value in multiple units because it allows complete treatment of one unit with no inconvenience to neighboring units. By treating only the areas found to be infested, as opposed to treating the entire building, you save time and money. Because our HEAT WAVE process takes only a few hours to complete and leaves no harmful residues, there is no need to move out overnight. Unlike other spot treatments that are only effective in small, limited areas, HEAT WAVE can treat large or small areas on an as-needed basis. We can treat a single wall or an entire shopping mall all at once, allowing us to encompass the entire pest colony and ensure no survivors! Finally…there is a safe, simple and completely effective solution to the difficult problem of eradicating termites, bed bugs and other pests in both large buildings and small areas. Our policy is to provide whatever treatment is best for the situation at hand. The Termite Guy and IRC Services has more knowledge and experience in the use of heat to kill insects than any other company. We specialize in large, multi-unit buildings and businesses and have over 30 years of experience in dealing with these kinds of problems. Call us today at 1-877-TERMITE to find out more about our unique services. We look forward to doing business with you!


The HEAT WAVE system uses heated air instead of toxic chemicals to eliminate pests. Because insects have a low tolerance for heat, they die at temperatures as low as 120° in a matter of minutes. Insects such as drywood termites, bed bugs, carpenter ants, wood-boring beetles and cockroaches can be killed using HEAT WAVE without the need of chemicals. A typical treatment only takes 4 to 6 hours, so there is no need for an overnight move from the residence.


The treatment consists of using propane heaters to deliver heated air through Mylar ducts to the treated area(s). The ambient air temperature in the infested area is elevated to approximately 150° and held until internal wood temperatures reach 130°. This level is held for a minimum of one hour to ensure an effective treatment. Temperatures are monitored by needle-thin probes placed in the infested wood and attached to a computer outside the building. Tarps are hung from the eaves of the structure to create a thermal barrier…but don’t worry, technicians rarely need to walk on the roof. Heat-sensitive items are either removed from the treated area or protected with special heat-sensitive thermal blankets. Studies performed by the University of California-Berkeley reported a 100% eradication in naturally-infested timbers when the process is done properly.


In the 1860s, Napoleon asked Louis Pasteur to investigate the diseases afflicting wine that were causing considerable economic losses to the wine industry. Pasteur demonstrated they were caused by microorganisms that could be killed by heating the wine to 55° C for several minutes, which saved the French wine harvest! Applied to beer and milk, the process of pasteurization soon came into use throughout the world, and ever since these times, heat has been used to kill microorganisms. Today another technology using heat, HEAT WAVE, is used in homes and buildings large or small to remove wood-destroying insects. Pioneered in the mid-80s and perfected in the early 90s, heat treatments are now recognized as the ONLY non-chemical substitute for chemical fumigation in treating entire structures. HEAT WAVE was patented by Dr. Walter Ebeling and Charles Forbes in 1987 and developed by Forbes and Ebeling along with Dave Lawson of The Termite Guy in 1989. Today the HEAT WAVE process is solidifying itself as the leader in chemical-free pest control treatments.