Fumigation is the only whole-structure method that has been proven 100% effective at eliminating every drywood termite infestation…thoroughly. To rid a drywood termite infestation without using fumigation, a Termite Guy inspector would have to search for and find all the hidden drywood termite colonies in a structure. Drywood termites can hide in little areas of wood very well and finding all of them is like trying to find thousands of needles in billions of haystacks. We’re very good, we promise, but finding every termite is a giant undertaking…not to mention that it’s practically impossible. Wouldn’t you want to be assured 100% that every single drywood termite you’re worried about is eliminated? Of course you would, which is why in certain situations The Termite Guy recommends fumigation over other methods.

Whole-structure fumigation is the most commonly applied whole-structure treatment for drywood termites, and its effectiveness has been demonstrated through years of research. Vikane, currently used in fumigation applications throughout the country, is a gas requiring evacuation of the building and special preparation of items in the home. You won’t have to worry about residue if you choose fumigation. Why? Because whole-structure fumigation employs the use of inorganic gas, it completely dissipates from a structure following fumigation, leaving no surface residue, odor or film behind. This means you won’t have to wash dishes, clothes or furniture after fumigation.