Laurie Jo Jensen, The Termite Guy’s board certified entomologist, says that in her experience most homeowners aren’t fortunate enough to discover drywood termites except during swarming season or when repair work is being done. The extent of the problem and the drywood termite infestation in a home can be severe. A drywood termite infestation is not something do-it-yourselfers should treat on their own. Determining the extent of an infestation of termites and treating it requires an experienced professional.

A successful elimination strategy will require a thorough inspection of the drywood termite infestation, as well as sound knowledge of termite biology and exact harborage locations. It’s necessary to know the strategies, techniques and products used to effectively control drywood termites. No over the counter cures have much effect against eliminating drywood termite infestations, so it is best left to a professional (like The Termite Guy of course!).